Now without internet, chatting, money transfers and more

Now without internet, chatting, money transfers and more

Now services like chat, money transfer and news will not need internet. This is to say the instant messaging app hike, which has launched its new product total. Connecting with low-end mobile phone’s Android operating system, without any internet, will provide chat, money transfer, news, recharge, etc. It is also informed that Whatsapp will also get its payment feature up to the next month. Can roll out.

How To Use Total –

Total has been introduced on the network of BSNL, Airtel and Aircel. The total will be part of the preloaded and operating system in the phone. As soon as the phone is on, the number will also be registered automatically. At present, it will be available in the nearby phones of Rs 3,000 for Carbon and Intex. In this link, carbon two and intakes will bring three handsets. Carbon has announced that it will also give a cashback of Rs 1000 to these phones.

What is the company’s say-

Hike’s Cavine Bharti Mittal said: “In the coming times, handset maker and network operators will also be connected with it. This feature of USSD based Internet connection is patented. There are many features, including sending photos, that work only when the Internet is over. It will start from a rate of Rs one rupee per day, and data packs will be available. “The company claims that all the information will be available to the people through the total, which is available on the Internet today.

Along with this, the news is that Whatsapp can come with its payment feature next month. Whatsapp is working for a long time to bring the payment feature in its app. In a new media report, it has been claimed that Whatsapp’s payment feature can be live in India next month. It is believed that Whatsapp is in the final testing phase of this feature. Initially this feature will be made available to some WhatsApp users only. The payment feature can be offered until February.

Partnership with Popular Banks-

Believe it on the news, the platform with its partner banks is on the beta stage. If the trial went right then the feature can be made live in February. The Popular Messaging app is working on the UPI based payment feature on its platform. The company is doing its testing together with some of the most popular banks in India. According to the report, Whatsapp has partnered with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India.

A banking representative has also confirmed this. At present, the feature is yet to be signed on several security issues. In this, the security of the user’s data is being given more attention.

Very easy to pay –

This latest report came after the news of the availability of Whatsapp Pay Feature for the beta version. The pay feature will be added to the attachment section. Users will be able to transfer money from the luggage screen. The leaked information of the feature shows that it is very easy to make payments with WhatsApp. It is being said that it will be as easy as sending a picture or connection to it.

How will the feature-

The payment feature will be added to an attachment option with a symbol of Rs. From here users will be able to access the feature. After this, users will be able to make payment through one-step process by putting zeros and UPI pins.

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