First decide whether you want to stay home or invest

First decide whether you want to stay home or invest

First decide whether you want to stay home or invest

First decide whether you want to stay home or invest
First decide whether you want to stay home or invest

It is not difficult to estimate the condition of the family if the family who settled on the purchase of a house for a fixed deposit of a house does not get home on time. But it needs to be understood that there is a fundamental difference in buying a house for investment and buying a house. Investing in real estate without understanding this difference is not empty from the danger. Most real estate developers try to capitalize on this dilemma of customers. They show dreams, and the buyers start flowing in the dazzle surrounding that dream of solid decision, which later causes suffering.

For most Indians, or rather, for a common Indian, the biggest financial decision of his life is to buy his own home. In any other decision, there is no reluctance to leave the best or worst effect on someone’s gardener condition. The real estate sector has been a very attractive area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment for those who have been selling illegal income in the state. Maybe even today, and if it does, then it does not make any difference to me. But the point of the issue is that most people can buy or buy a house once in a lifetime.

In the year 2000, or around it, the impression has become strong among people, that investing in real estate is one of the best and the main means of investment for everyone. The reality is that such a perception is really far away. In fact, around the year 2000 the interest rates began to drop, housing loans were included in the income tax exemption, and the income of the salaried workers increased. In such an environment, buying a ‘house’ for salaried families has become easier than before. Unfortunately, he turned a house into ‘many homes’, people started looking for a home to buy profits and make a profit. For the first few years, some people also made profits from this.

It was to be the result of what happened. The real estate industry failed to understand the real reason behind the increase in the number of house buyers, and the increase was increased to make such a balloon, which was to erupt. And he also got split. As a result, millions of buyers are still paying a monthly installment of such houses which are not built and are stranded in projects that have no clear future.

This is not the result of an accident, but the cost of real estate sector is a result of a well-planned conspiracy to show up. There are five major factors for the price of any real estate property, and the price increase depends on these five.

First, to change the type of land and to be residential or commercial use of arable or barren land. Second, the development of such infrastructure around this land can be utilized in a new way. Third, as well as increasing its population around the land, its professional viability and quality of life improved. Fourth, going through the speed and recession from time to time influencing real estate. Fifth, strengthening the economy, thereby a clear increase in the price of that land.

When the previous generations used the property or the real estate to buy real estate, they would have bought it in the initial stages. In this way, the benefits mentioned in the above mentioned above were to get all the benefits of the fifth phase in two to three decades. But now the apartments we buy buy from real estate developer. In this new model the developers of the full benefit of the completion of the third phase or the people who come before the developer on that land are picked up. Not only this, the most tragic aspect of this new model is that the real estate developer tries to earn even further on that property and also becomes successful many times. This earning is in the form of advance amount from home buyers. The tragedy is that if the developer is honest, then in general, it is not a painful, but pleasurable aspect. Say that if the thing is over here, then it is okay, because it has generally happened. The real tragedy is seen in the case of real estate developers of northern India, most of whom do not put home buyers money in the property and put them anywhere else and the poor house buyer is cheated.

The question is how to buy the house while avoiding all these situations. The answer is that it can be bought, and it is important to follow some principles. First, just buy a home. Buy the house in which you have to live, and by which the rental is saved. Do not buy another house. If you are not a real estate businessman then just think of buying a second house for the purpose of investment. And if you are a real estate investor, then stop reading this article right here because this article is not for you but for the real estate sector victims.

Secondly, do not spend more than your own. So much so that no matter how beautiful the house is going and why it is not being told about it, keep in mind that the EMI of your home is not more than one-third of your family’s full earnings. And this one-third amount is not lower but rather the upper limit. If you are getting home in less than that, then buy the same. The total accumulated thing is that buying a house of dreams and engaging in the hoax of real estate brokers. Afterwards when you make progress and earn, then of course buy a previous home and buy a better house. Remember, buying a home is not like buying a shoe or a mobile phone, even if it takes a little bit more money then there will not be any major difference in the pocket in the long run.

Third, buy home, do not buy dreams However, this aspect will be slightly improved after the RAA implementation

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